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Research page in English

Research interests

Interdisciplinary approaches in sustainability science. Energy issues. Post-growth economics.


Current research

From 2015: The political economy of energy transitions.


Recent research

A TEDx talk on my recent research is available here.



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Work & Education

2017- Political economy of electricity system transitions: University of Leeds.

2015-2017: Political economy of electricity system transitions: ELTE, Hungary.

2014: Research on complexity and environmental policy, Institute for Social and European Studies, Kőszeg, Hungary.

2012-2014: Post-doc: macroeconomics and sustainability, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.

2011-2012: Energy modeling, CEU 3CSEP, Hungary.

2007-2011: PhD, economics and management, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Environmental Economics, Hungary.

2002-2007: MSc, engineering-physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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